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Bill Austin

Colour Healing Artist &
Vibrational Healer

We live in a challenging time as the consciousness of the planet becomes more heart-oriented. The shift in planetary consciousness means that humanity has a LOT of healing to accomplish in a very short amount of time. I created a line of color healing art products and books because healing through color and art is one of the quickest ways to help people to heal themselves.

Everything in the material world begins with an idea. I get ideas as to what energies need to be grounded into the planet; set my intent and create an image using acrylics on a piece of canvas. I then work with a graphic designer to embed the image into a product or book. The products and books are created in the NOW as soon as you place an order for them.

After you receive your colour healing art product or book, the frequencies emanating from them not only upgrade you and your home but they also ground these gentle, loving and healing energies into the planet as well. All of this occurs easily, naturally and effortlessly - without you having to do anything!




Over the last years I have developed several lines of color healing art products that I have placed on my CafePress store! I like these products so much that I use many of them myself! I created a short video to show you what they look like.

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 Energetic Soul Portraits

Energetic Soul Portrait for Bill Austin


About Bill's Energetic Soul Portraits

Each of these energetic "Soul Portraits” contains tones, vibrations, colors and high frequencies of love to activate your mastery and help you connect with the greatest and most loving aspect of your soul and monad - so that you can express your soul purpose and realize more of your full potential. The mastery you are awakening to is as unique as your fingerprint. It is the mastery your soul encoded in your blueprint to be expressed in this lifetime that is awakened throughout your lifetime by these beautiful images. For instance, if you are coded to be a healer, this soul portrait will activate your healing mastery. If you are coded to bring to this world higher wisdom through books and teachings, then that mastery will be activated.

In addition each of these images will bring you great healing by helping you to connect with your soul at a very deep level.  The more that you can embrace, embody and express your spiritual nature - the more joyful, happy and abundant your life will become. Please know that each and every one of you is a master healer. You just forgot this truth as you incarnated into this vibration of density. These magnificent soul portraits will help awaken your inner healer to do what is natural to your spirit - to be healed, balanced and in harmony with all of Creation. And as you embody and express more and more of your inner divinity, sickness and illness can not exist.




Ordering Information

Vibrationally Encoded Soul Portraits:  The cost of creating of each Vibrationally Encoded Soul Portrait for each person is just $345 (includes shipping and handling fee of $12 if you live in the US, Canada or Mexico).  Each Vibrationally Encoded Soul Portrait is created using acrylic paints and is around 16" by 20" long on coated canvas textured paper (Canson Canva-Paper). For energetic soul portraits, I would like to know your full name, date of birth and where you are born as well as any color preferences you may have.

If I am home when you place the order, I will usually be able to create your painting within three days but it will take two to three days to dry fully so that I can ship it to you. So please allow up to three weeks from time of order to delivery of your vibrationally encoded healing image.

Energetic Soul Portrait - NA ($345 - Price includes $12 for S&H for North American residents.)
Energetic Soul Portrait - NonNA ($355 - Price includes $22 for S&H for people who do not live in North America.)




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